NEIGHBOURS blasted fly-tippers after mounds of waste clogged up a back alley for the second time.

Rotting nappies, food, a couch, and dozens of bin bags have been scattered in an alley behind Margaret Street in Blackburn.

Rats have been spotted running around the waste, which has become unbearable for residents.

This comes weeks after the alley was cleaned up due to large mounds of rubbish appearing there.

Margaret Street resident Shelia Mclachlan, who has lived on the road for six years, said: “The alley is absolutely disgusting.

“There are rats everywhere, including some massive ones.

“The mess is revolting.

“It was cleaned up a while ago but people have began leaving rubbish there again.”

Another resident said the council should install bollards, or gates, on each end of the alley to stop fly-tippers coming to dump rubbish on the unadopted road.

Blackburn with Darwen environment boss Cllr Jim Smith said: “We don’t put gates up because the rubbish usually comes from people who live nearby.

“The land is adopted, therefore it’s the respons-ibility of the residents to clean it.”