A PENSIONER has warned of ‘scam’ e-mails asking for money and card details.

Eileen Eastham, 85, from Darwen, said she has received several emails since January 31 asking her to invest money and to confirm her payment details.

They suggest that investing a very low amount of money will bring huge potential returns.

She has received the emails from someone who calls themselves ‘Jez Miller’ with the email address ‘newsletter@omgate.net.’

One of the emails even starts with the informal word ‘hey’ while the sender has an address at the bottom of the email purporting to be from St Nicholas Street, Scarborough.

An email reads: “Hey, we received an order placed in your name for this amazing system - VIP membership pass.

“Since the fee was waived, we do require you to confirm you received our initial commission payment.

“Once you confirm your payment details we’ll lock you in our system so you get monthly checks here on out.”

Another reads: “This is the time for you to take a chance especially as the investment amount is so low and the potential returns are huge.

“Take your first step towards a new brighter and 100 per cent better outlook.”

Ms Eastham, of Milton Close, now wants to warn the elderly and vulnerable, who she said the emails seem to be targeting.

She said: “I’ve been receiving the scam emails for the last week and they started on January 30.

“They’re coming from someone called Jez Miller with the email address newsletter@omgate.net.

“And they’ve been sent to my full name and email address, so the sender has been able to get hold of this.

“The emails are asking me to invest money, it doesn’t state a specific amount.

“I’ve no intention of clicking on any of the links and I’ve reported it as spam to Gmail but they’re still appearing.

“I’m concerned as curiosity could get the better of some people and they’ll click on the link and potentially give a lot of money away.

“These emails seem to be the type that target the elderly and vulnerable.”

Ms Eastham said she wants to raise awareness of the emails.

She added: “I want to warn other people and raise awareness.

“So I just want to get the message out there that nobody should click on the links and reply to the emails.

“I’ve checked my bank and no money has been taken out thankfully.

“I’m really worried about this, especially for other people.”