A UKRAINIAN lorry driver wreaked havoc on an East Lancashire high street after his huge HGV got stuck on the road, blocking traffic for almost two hours.

But things were only about to get worse on Barnoldswick high street, as while members of the public and police worked to free the Ukrainian HGV, a lorry from France became stuck further up the road.

Two cars were also damaged in the chaos on Thursday afternoon.

Business owners in the area are now being asked to ensure foreign delivery drivers are provided with maps and directions to gain safe access to shops and restaurants in the area.

A police spokesman said: "The side streets of Barnoldswick are no place for these mammoths of the road.

"Unfortunately this vehicle damaged two stationary cars as it tried to manoeuvre through the narrow side streets and took nearly two hours of difficult direction to get it out of its predicament.

"Whilst dealing with this Ukrainian vehicle another French articulated lorry got stuck on the high street needing help it get free.

"A big thank you to all the residents of Chapel Street without your help this vehicle might still be there."