Clayton-le-Moors lad and Royal Marines Commando, Matt Mason made his first appearance in the fourth series of Channel 4's Hunted on Thursday night.

Managing to escape the Hunters in the first episode, with several outfit changes and some stealthy disguise techniques, Matt left viewers on the edge of their seats, with a promise of more to come in next week's episode.

Matt, 29, who was one of only two solo fugitives (the remaining eight were in pairs), and the rest of the group, began their challenge on the River Mersey in Liverpool.

Docking up and jumping off the boat near Pier Head, they had one objective - get out of the city and as far away from the Hunters as they could.

With his Royal Marine's background, Matt was pitted as one to watch by the elite team of surveillance gurus, including former undercover detective at Scotland Yard, Peter Bleksley.

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While this weeks' show focussed primarily on the single female fugitive, Loren Hannon from Essex, and ex-con Nick and his pal Paul, next weeks' episode promises more of Matt, as he heads north, to find the highest mountain he can and use his military skills to test the Hunters.

Matt told the Lancashire Telegraph: "It was an intense first episode. It's great to see everyone else's journey whilst on the run with everyone having a positive start. I think I have my work cut out next week with three of the six hunter teams, a drone and the dogs chasing an Accy lad around a national park."

During the show, Matt, who holds the world record for rowing from Gran Canaria to Barbados and is taking part in the Ocean Revival 2020 challenge, said: "Every military person watching this will be looking at it going, 'this guy's gotta get to the end'.

"It wouldn't be worth me turning up to work on Monday morning having been caught.

"I'm gonna pop up and when I pop up it's gonna be on my terms.

"I'm going to find the highest mountain I can and get up it."

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With a loyal following on social media, Matt's appearance and his Liam Neeson-esque quotes have spawned some rather funny Memes, some of which have been floating around Facebook this morning.

One meme, pictured, depicts the famous Taken actor in a still from the film, with one of Matt's quotes emblazoned over the top.

Writing on Facebook after the show aired on Thursday night, Matt said: "Well I hope everyone enjoyed the first episode, much more of me next week getting chased...I think they want me pretty bad..."

Hunted next airs on Channel 4 at 9pm on Thursday January 17.

Will Matt escape the Hunters? Tune-in to find out.