A BROTHER attacked a female college student who was at loggerheads with his younger sister with a metal baton during a brawl on campus.

Preston Crown Court heard Danyal Khan, 21, entered St Mary’s College grounds in Blackburn to help his sister, who was studying there, to resolve the ongoing dispute with a fellow student.

But seconds later Khan took out a metal baton in the college entrance and hit the unsuspecting victim on the back with it several times.

The court heard the 17-year-old girl was left terrified and with bruises across her back.

Following the incident college bosses said they immediately introduced security officers onto campus.

Prosecutor Jon Close said the defendant’s sister, Maria Khan, had been the instigator in the incident which took place in October 2017.

He said: “Mr Khan had been triggered to act following an incident the day before which involved his sister and the complainant.

“Maria Khan had become aggressive towards her.”

Despite it being unclear as to what had started the dispute, the court heard how the following day Maria Khan told the complainant to ‘be ready at 12 o’clock’ so they could ‘sort things out’.

Just before midday the next morning, the victim and her friend went to a nearby takeaway for lunch but soon realised that Maria Khan was inside with her friends. A fight ensued inside the fast food outlet before Maria Khan and her friends left.

Mr Close said: “At around midday Maria returned to the college premises with her older brother and sister. They all went inside and a brawl ensued in the entrance.

“The defendant took out the metal baton, extended it, and issued two or three blows to the girl’s back.”

It was heard how staff and students were able to break up the fighting and the police were called.

Mr Close added: “When the defendant was questioned by police, he said he had been told his sister was being bullied and that he wanted to go to the college to calm the issue. He also said he didn’t remember using the baton.”

The defendant also added that he was carrying the weapon ‘for his own safety’ after he had been the victim of an unrelated, unprovoked attack.

Khan, of Chorlton Gardens, Blackburn, had pleaded guilty to possession of an offensive weapon and to using or threatening to use unlawful violence.

Roger Brown, defending, said his client had previous good character and he had only acted after his sister had confided in him that she was experiencing some form of bullying.

He said: “I do not see the point in trying to distinguish exactly what went on. There was clearly a major dispute as to who is responsible for doing what in regards to why the feud began.

“The only certain thing is that my client went into the college with a baton and that his sister had told him about some issues she’d been having with bullies.

“There is no dispute that he hit the woman and that there was some slight bruising.

“The defendant has pleaded guilty to his role in the incident. He certainly shouldn’t have been there especially not with a weapon.”

Sentencing Khan to a 12-month suspended prison sentence, Recorder Tom Gilbart said it was a great shame the defendant had ended up in a criminal court.

He said: "Your sister was involved with an argument and your sister was the aggressor.

“It is not accepted by the prosecution that the complainant was the aggressor.

“After your sister left the takeaway she returned to the college accompanied by you and her older sister and you entered the college.

“You had no good reason to get involved with this dispute and there was serious alarm and distress caused by your presence. You are young, you are immature.”

Khan was also ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work and to wear an electronic tag.

St Mary's assistant principal Kelvin Rice said: “Following this incident the college immediately introduced security officers on campus. This was an isolated incident at St Mary’s and over the last 15 months, with the implementation of additional measures, we are an extremely secure college.

"The safety and wellbeing of all members of our community is paramount and we have several systems in place for our students to contact us about any concerns."