AFTER the tragic stillbirth of her baby boy a mother has decided to help out the elderly in her community.

One day before she was due to give birth, Sabana Bagas noticed she could not feel her baby’s heartbeat and went to the hospital, where four doctors concluded her baby had died.

Following this, the mother of one decided she wanted to do something for others in the baby Zidan’s name.

The 31-year-old from Hudson Close, Blackburn, said: “My whole world just fell apart when they told me.

"I broke down and couldn’t cope. It made me realise I want to do something in his name.

“Me and my husband Usman thought we should help the elderly by giving them gifts for Christmas and offering them support throughout 2019."

Together with her husband, little niece Khadija and eight-year-old son Rehan, she visited elderly people near her home, and after giving them gifts, offered them her support if they ever needed anything.

Mrs Bagas and her husband told the older residents that she would help them go shopping, or run errands for them, and gave them her details to contact her if they needed to.

She said: “I felt so happy after going there and they were happy too, and really chuffed because nobody has offered them support like this before.”

On September 23, Mrs Bagas became alert when she could not feel her baby kicking at all. After going to the hospital, doctors told her the baby had died, and on September 25, she gave birth to the stillborn son, Zidan.

Despite getting help from the hospital and her family, Mrs Bagas went through an emotional turmoil, before deciding that helping the older generation was a way to do something good and honour her son.

Mrs Bagas received support from work colleagues, friends, family and the hospital. She said: "They were all really helpful, and they were in shock too. I would like to thank all of them for their amazing love and support during a difficult time.

"I'm never going to forget my son, I'm never going to get over it, but I will remember him positively. At the hospital, I felt like I was leaving something behind. It was really nice when people came to the house and we still get visitors. My son broke every heart when he left the world."