A MENTAL health patient who throttled a support worker has been issued with an indefinite hospital order.

Oliver Elliot, 23, was on the Pendle View Ward at the Royal Blackburn Hospital when he flew at the woman, telling her “you’re my next victim”.

An attacked ensued and Elliot, who had been in the hospital for an assessment, grabbed the worker around the neck.

Giving testimony during a trial last month, the woman said: “His eyes were black. They were like saucers. They were wide and they were black with adrenaline, so black and big.

“As he dragged me under the CCTV with his hand around my throat, he said, ‘I’m going to f****** kill you.’”

The woman was able to access her panic button and a male colleague came and pulled Elliot away.

He was then able to detain him in a headlock until other staff members came to their assistance.

The court heard how the woman suffered grazes to her neck and had four months off work suffering with post-traumatic stress.

She added: “You don’t expect to go to work and be assaulted.”

Jeremy Grout-Smith, prosecuting, said: “He told the police, ‘a voice wanted me to do it. I strangled her. Staff had to pull me off.’

“The voices were telling him to kill someone - not necessarily her but anyone.”

Elliot, of Moor Street, Accrington, was not fit to stand trial and was found guilty by a jury of actual bodily harm.

During sentencing on yesterday, Elliot was issued with a hospital order and a restriction order.

This means he cannot be released from the care of mental health services until he appears again before a judge.

Presiding over the case, Judge Heather Lloyd said: “Doctors are of the view that he is suffering from treatment resistant psychosis and I am satisfied that a hospital order is the best way in which to deal with him.

“His doctors are also of the opinion that a restriction order is appropriate.

“From all of the evidence which I have heard I am satisfied that a restriction order will be necessary to protect the public.”