EAST Lancs vaping firm Totally Wicked has released a hard hitting Christmas advert about the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

The short film, written and produced by the company, demonstrates the devastating impact losing a loved one has, particularly at Christmas, brought on by the dangers of smoking fags.

The poem ‘Dragon Man’ was written by Totally Wicked Head of Marketing Neil Joyce as the words come from a deeply personal place. Having lost both grandparents to smoking related illnesses, Neil is only too familiar with the impact that smoking can have on families.

He said: "I didn’t want our Christmas message to be another product promotion with e-cigarettes under a tree, but instead something that is core to our business and fundamental to our mission statement, and that is our commitment to helping people to stop smoking.

Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen:

"Yes, we sell vaping products but we’re so much more as a business. We employ smoking cessation professionals and are conducting pilot schemes up and down the country helping public sector professionals in smoking cessation understand vape products.

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"This piece comes from a personal experience, but so many thousands of people in this country have had exactly the same one. "Anyone who has smoked or loved someone who smokes but cannot stop will likely watch and relate personally to this video.

"If they do, and that person stops smoking and alters the lives of those around them, then I say a huge well done to that person.”