A LEVEL-HEADED 10-year-old boy helped save his grandmother’s life when she had a seizure.

Bailey Hesselden managed to stay calm and acted quickly after Paula Whitehead started fitting at their home in Nelson.

Bailey put his grandmother in a comfortable position on the floor and knew he had to get her help, so he ran to his neighbour, who called 999.

Paramedics quickly arrived and Mrs Whitehead, who also has cancer, recovered from the seizure in hospital.

To mark Bailey’s heroic efforts, he was paid a surprise visit from paramedics Paul Jones, who was called to the incident at the time, and Ian Barton at school.

They presented him with the Junior Life Saver Award for his heroics last month.

Mr Jones said the Great Marsden St John’s Primary School pupil did amazingly well.

He said: “I can’t believe a young lad of his age was able to act quickly.

“He knew his grandmother was not well and had to get help.

“When we arrived the neighbours were there and his grandmother was still fitting.

“He managed to get her into a comfortable position.

“He didn’t freeze, he didn’t panic, he did the right thing and was able to get help.”

Mr Barton, who is also the North West Ambulance Service’s operations manager, said: “What he saw must have been scary.

“He reacted and realised this was really serious.

"The situation could have got a lot worse without Bailey.

“He reacted absolutely superbly. He went the extra mile to help to save his grandmother’s life.”

Bailey was given his certificate in an afternoon assembly in front of his classmates and teachers.

Mrs Whitehead said: “I couldn’t be more proud of my grandson.

“He did a really good job.

“He came to see me in hospital and once he knew I was okay he just wanted me to come home.

“I had to keep this surprise to myself for ages and I wanted to tell him so much.

“It was amazing to see a big smile across his face when he got his certificate.

“It was only me and him in the house, he couldn’t get his grandfather for help.”

Bailey’s certificate read “Junior Lifesaver Award, awarded to Bailey Hesselden, in recognition of his courage when faced with a medical emergency on October 11 2018.”