This picture shows an artist's impression of a new eight-storey hotel in Burnley's town centre from February 1958.

Scheduled to be made in March that year, plans were being made to redevelop Burnley town centre with many new buildings and by extending existing sites and areas.

The area between St. James's street, Market Street, Curzon Street, and Howe Street were to be demolished and rebuilt to an improved road line.

Alderman J. Herbert, said: "This area is probably the focal point of Burnley's shopping centre, and it is only right that the town should have a shopping centre worthy of it."

Further to the developments, the Keirby Brewery site area was also to be extended. Alderman Herbert said: "It is only right and proper that those who may be affected at some time in the future should be given immediate notice of what the future may hold in store for them."

The council had also entered an agreement with Masseys Ltd for the the redevelopment of the area between Parker Lane and Boot Street, Croft Street, and Red Lion Street.

This area included the new bus station, where new work on it was meant to start during the next year. Further negotiations were being made in other areas to undertake new building work to improve the look of the town.