TRAFFIC wardens could be regularly used to deter parents from parking 'dangerously' outside schools in a town.

Parents and councillors have raised concerns about a 'borough wide' problem of school parking in Burnley.

They come after Padiham Primary School became the latest school to be affected by the issue.

The Burnley Road school has received complaints that some parents are parking on the pavement on the main road, right outside the school, on yellow zig zag lines.

While it is not illegal to park on yellow zig zag lines, which simply advise motorists not to wait or park on them, it has caused concern in the community.

A spokesman at Padiham Primary School said: "The traffic situation is an ongoing problem.

"We have some yellow signs to make them aware of where to park and where not to but it does not seem to deter parents."

School parking has been described as a 'nightmare' by councillors in the area.

Hapton Cllr Alan Hosker, who represents the area, said: "It's a damn nuisance at the moment.

"There are people parking on pavements, on yellow lines and on bends and corners close to schools.

"It has been a recurring issue since I have been a borough councillor in 2015. It's dangerous and sooner or later there will be a serious accident if nothing is done about it."

Cllr Joanne Greenwood, who also represents the area, added: "It's a borough wide problem that differs from school to school.

"It would be helpful to get the schools together and the local authority and police to discuss what could be done to improve the parking situation."

The highways authority, Lancashire County Council, said it has introduced a new parking enforcement scheme to tackle the county-wide issue.

Traffic wardens will be visiting every school in the county, except Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen, at least once this academic year.

The decision comes following a 'successful' trial of the scheme in January to July this year where 76 penalties were issued by the highways authority.

Lancashire County Council regulation and enforcement manager, Peter Bell, has said schools which frequently have issues with parking will be prioritised and could receive regular visits.

Responding to the concerns of Padiham's councillors, Mr Bell said: "Nine schools in Burnley have already been visited this academic year. We are aware of the issues raised by Cllr Hosker and will be carrying out targeted enforcement in due course."