BLACKBURN’S Empire Theatre will be hosting a world premiere when No More Fiffing and Faffing takes to the stage on Sunday night.

The production was written by and stars comedian Jimmy Cricket and looks at a comedy double act on their last night in showbusiness.

Jimmy, who has been one of the country’s favourite comedians for over 40 years, has used his experiences to help shape the play.

“The play is mostly fictitious,” said Jimmy, “but I have seen many things happen backstage over the years so some of the incidents in the play may well be based on real incidents.”

In No More Fiffing and Faffing, a long-established double act are performing at the end of the pier show. The dreaded Health and Safety has declared that the pier is unsafe and that they will have one final performance.

With every great double act there is a straight man and a comedian. For Jiimy’s pairing the straight man has decided he’s had enough although the comedian would love to carry n on in a profession which has been his life.

“Theatre is such a wonderful thing,” said Jimmy. “The audience will see the duo performing their act on stage and then be able to see everything that is happening backstage.”

This is not the first production Jimmy has written. He previously wrote two musicals which were performed at the Blackburn Empire.

“I really enjoy the writing process,” he said. “There have been some great comedy double acts over the years and sadly you don’t see too many of them now.”

No More Fiffing and Faffing, Blackburn Empire Theatre, Sunday, September 16. Details from 01254 685500 or www.blackburnempire,com