NEIGHBOURS fed up with Burnley fans and workers parking outside their homes have had their residents-only car zone plea rejected.

Nearly 150 people in Hart Street, Adlington Street and Lindsay Street, Burnley, have signed a petition to bring back a scheme that would stop people parking on the three streets.

Despite their feelings, two years ago people in the area voted 13 to 1 to get rid of the residents-only scheme.

But complaints have now been made to the county council over workers from neighbouring businesses parking there and football fans leaving cars there on match days as it is near Turf Moor.

Hart Street resident Anthony Jones, 62, who set up the petition and has lived in the area for 10 years, described the situation as disgraceful.

He said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous. Workers and football fans fill up our little streets.

“People who live here pay their council tax and road tax and yet there is nowhere for them to park.

“Yes, you have to pay £25 to Lancashire County Council a year to have residential parking but most people are in favour of this because it will give them peace of mind that they can come home and find somewhere to park.”

A residents-only parking zone had been in place on Hart Street until two years ago.

In 2016, county council bosses had sent out a consultation asking residents whether they wanted to keep it with 13 to one of those voting in favour of removing it.

County council chiefs have now said they will not be repeating the consultation process because they do not believe it would produce a different result.

A spokesman said: “To be fair to all residents we make decisions on residents' parking schemes based on the feedback received as part of a formal consultation process. It is not clear that repeating this process so soon would produce a different result.”

Local councillor Sobia Malik has said the county council’s refusal to permit another consultation was ‘just wrong’.

She said: “What is being asking for would require a consultation and I would be interested in that because people do not always have a fixed view.

“Their views change over time."

and I think a consultation would be the right way to go. Unfortunately that’s not how Lancashire County Council see it though.

“Everyone has time to reflect and for the residents not to have been afforded that opportunity is just wrong.”