FEARS have been raised that a child could get ‘seriously hurt’ after a safety rail has fallen into a stream.

The rail was discovered in the brook off Greenbank Terrace, Lower Darwen, by walker Jean Kennedy recently.

Ms Kennedy said there is about a ten foot vertical drop from the road onto rocks below.

She said that without a safety rail there, it presents a ‘potential danger’ to children playing there and others.

Ms Kennedy said she was concerned that a child could suffer a ‘serious injury.’

She said: “This is a potential danger.

“The safety rail by the river at the lay-by end of Greenbank has been thrown into the river.

“There is about a ten foot vertical drop from the road onto the rocks.

“If any of the kids are fooling around there and tumble onto the rocks it could cause serious injury.”

Ms Kennedy, who lives in Millbrook Street, Lower Darwen, said she has reported the matter to her councillor Cllr Jacqueline Slater.

She said: “With it being the summer, you do get children messing around and playing in the water to stay cool.

“They push each other around one and someone could easily fall without a barrier.

“It’s not water as it’s a brook but there are lots of rocks and they could easily fall and hurt themselves or worse even die and the brook goes into the River Darwen.

“There is a lay-by with a big mound of mud on it nearby that’s designed to stop cars going there and people, but they still do.

“It looks a real mess.”

She has now encouraged parents to be ‘vigilant’ and watch out for their children.

She added: “I’d encourage all parents to watch and know where there children are.

“These children are only about 12 or 13 who play near this brook and won’t be as aware of danger.

“I’d like to see a sign put up near the brook to warn children of the dangers of playing near there and obviously for a new safety sign to be put.”

Cllr Denise Gee, who represents Blackburn South and Lower Darwen on Blackburn with Darwen council, said: “The matter has been reported by Cllr Jacqueline Slater.

“I hope that the council department involved will act quickly to ensure they safety of residents within the borough.

“This is a potential danger to all residents, especially children.”