THE major streets of Accrington have seen many changes over the decades, represented by this image which shows three important buildings which no longer stand as they once did.

After the building of Accrington's law courts, police and fire station on the site, Manchester Road came to look as it did in this 1962 view of the scene.

The road opened in 1792 and operates as one of the main routes into and through Accrington.

It was the last of the projects carried out by John 'Blind Jack' Metcalf, of Knaresborough, the famous 18th century road builder.

However moving forward to the modern day, times have changed for the grade II listed buildings.

The former Accrington police station and magistrates court building went up for auction earlier this year, after being left empty for a number of years.

This came after the the decision was made to sell the site in 2015 as it was 'no longer fit for purpose' while the magistrates court was closed as part of cost cutting measures.

The fire station in Manchester Road was built in 1933 and has been closed for more than a decade, and has since been converted into a headquarters for a e-cigarette giant.

Totally Wicked E-Liquid Ltd bought the building in 2016 and this year it opened as the headquarters for the UK Vapour Brands section of the business.