TORY Brexit hardliner Nigel Evans yesterday backed Theresa May as Prime Minister as she reeled from Boris Johnson and David Davis quitting her government.

The Ribble Valley MP admitted Friday’s Cabinet compromise deal which caused their resignations had stretched his support ‘to the ultimate’.

Blackburn Labour MP Kate Hollern said that the Conservative bickering which led to Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson and Brexit boss Mr Davis stepping down would hit local jobs and prosperity.

Miranda Barker, chief executive of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, said business leaders needed Mrs May to end the confusion at the heart of her government and display strength in its negotiations to leave the European Union.

Pendle Liberal Democrat peer Lord Tony Greaves said the latest ‘shambles’ was part of a slow slide to a re-run of the 2016 Euro-referendum.

Rossendale and Darwen MP Jake Berry and his Pendle Tory colleague Andrew Stephenson, both ministers, confirmed they would stay in the government.

After the resignations of the two leading pro-Brexit Cabinet members prompted talk of a Tory leadership challenge Mr Evans said: “We have lost some great talent from our front bench.

“The concessions made to date have stretched my support to the ultimate but I still believe Theresa May is the best Prime Minister to deliver what Lancashire voted for.

“I will be seeking assurances from the Prime Minister as more details emerge.”

Mrs Hollern said: “The Conservative resignations serve to highlight how hopelessly divided the government is over Brexit.

“Whilst Tory Cabinet ministers and MPs continue to bicker, the country moves worryingly closer to the March deadline with less and less time to fully work out the consequences of the deal that Theresa May is proposing.

“The situation is unacceptable with business leaders expressing concern day by day and it seems inevitable that it will have a negative impact on the East Lancashire economy and local jobs.”

Ms Barker said: “I think it is concerning when the people who are supposed to be spearheading the government negotiations start resigning en masse.

“Business leaders want Mrs May to end the current confusion and negotiate from a position of strength. Europe needs our exports more than we need theirs.”

Strong Brexit supporter and Tory whip Mr Stephenson confirmed yesterday he was staying in government.

Northern Powerhouse Minister Mr Berry said: “I shall remain in government to ensure the pro-Brexit vote of the people of Rossendale and Darwen is represented in the White Paper on the final deal.”

Lord Greaves said: “The current shambles is a slow slide towards a second Euro-referendum.”

Brexit hardliner Dominic Raab was appointed to replace Mr Davis as chief negotiator with the EU.

Hyndburn MP Graham Jones said: “This is a complete shambles. The problem with Brexit is that nobody knows what it is.

“It looks like the country is stuck with Theresa May as PM. The question is whether anybody could handle it any better?”

Lord Greaves added: "The Liberal Democrats have been calling for a second referendum on the final deal for some time. It now looks like we will get one."