A PAIR of raccoon dogs were spotted walking through the streets of a town after they escaped from their enclosure.

Their owner, Ian Longson, from Accrington, feared the worst when his beloved Harry and Billy, had escaped from their pen yesterday morning.

However through social media he discovered his beloved pets were talking a stroll near Peel Park Primary School in Alice Street.

The dad-of-six said he managed to get the pair into his car and home again before the morning school rush.

He said: “The pair had just had pups and when I came down this morning the pups had gone.

“I thought someone had nicked them, but I found the parents had moved them into their enclosure and chewed their way out.

“I was happy to get them back and now they’re safe and secure again.

“I’ve had them both since they were five and six weeks old.”

Raccoon dogs are part of the canidae family and are related to domestic dogs, fox, wolves and jackals.

It will be illegal to sell raccoon dogs from February, 2, 2019, except for existing stock, as they have been classed as an invasive species risk in Europe.