CALLS are being made by councillors to lower the ‘dangerous’ speed limit on a road.

Concerns have been raised over the 50mph speed limit on Harwood Road and Lee Lane, which connect Rishton to Great Harwood.

Lancashire County Council has issued a proposed speed limit order confirming the 50mph speed limit on the road and to allow it to be enforced by police more easily.

Cllr Gareth Molineux, who represents Great Harwood on Hyndburn Council, urged county hall bosses to lower the speed limit on the road.

He said: “Ideally it needs to be brought down to a 40mph zone.

“I’m obviously very disappointed, it’s something I’ve campaigned for over the years.

“There has been some serious injuries on Lee Lane over the years, there was a fatality 10 years ago and there’s been a number of serious crashes in Blackburn Road as well.

“There’s quite a sharp bend there as it goes from Harwood Lane to Lee Lane, it’s dangerous.

“There’s a wall which is often damaged from cars which have gone into it.

“Speaking to a number of residents in Blackburn Road, they’ll be disappointed by this.”

Cllr Molineux said cars often build up speed on the roads which lead into Blackburn Road in Great Harwood.

A pensioner was left with serious injuries after being hit by a Seat Ibiza in Blackburn Road in the road last summer.

A spokesman for the county council said: “We’re not proposing to change the 50mph limit on Harwood Road and Lee Lane.

“We are tidying up a number of these orders to iron out any possible issues and ensure they can easily be enforced, and the legal process means that we need to formally consult on these changes.

“If people have concerns about speeding in any location we would ask them to let us know so we can investigate.”