CONCERNS have been raised about a ‘dangerous’ town centre pavement.

Shopper Jan Howorth said he has been concerned about the 'unsafe' state of the path in Union Street, Accrington.

He took pictures showing loose paving slabs on the street which is used to access shops and the Arndale Centre.

Mr Howorth, who lives in the town, said he had seen several people trip on the path and an elderly woman fall and injure herself last year.

He said: “I’m not one to complain but maybe someone with a little more influence might read this and be able to get something done about this path in Union Street, Accrington.

“Last year I witnessed an elderly lady fall over here and when I picked her up she was bleeding from a cut to her face where her glasses had cut her.

“Once the ambulance had taken her away I kept in touch with her daughter briefly to see how she was and it turned out she had broken both wrists and her hip.

“She had to spend time in hospital and in the end it resulted in her having to go into a care home.”

Mr Howorth said he has complained to the council but to no avail.

He said: “Whilst I ate my lunch in Subway recently, I witnessed two people trip over here, luckily both managed to stay on their feet but others might not be so lucky.

“I did complain about it last year because I felt pretty gutted for the lady that had hurt herself and whose life had been turned upside down as a result but it obviously fell on deaf ears.

“ I eat in Subway every day and it takes only a matter of moments to witness people, generally older people, having problems.

“The stones are not only sticking out and dangerous but a lot of them are loose and move when walked on”.

Harvey Danson, area highways manager for Lancashire County Council, said it has a team working on Union Street this week to relay areas of flagstones where the problems had been occurring.

He said: “We carry out our own inspections to check for problems on our roads, and are also grateful for people letting us know of any issues which emerge.

“We have visited Union Street on a number of occasions over recent months to carry out minor repairs to the flagstones to ensure they are safe.

“We have a team working on Union Street to relay areas of flagstones where these problems have been occurring which should help to prevent them happening so often in future.”