THE setting is barely recognisable to how we know it today - but this was Broadway in Accrington in August 1945.

What bunting could be found, after six long years of war, had been hung across the road in the centre of town and hundreds of people had gathered to hear that all hostilities across had world had finally come to an end.

For the Mayor of Accrington stepped up on his platform to proclaim Victory in Japan - though the glad tidings doesn't seem to have been echoed in the weather.

It was supposed to be the middle of summer, but today, it looked gloomy and wet.

It was a day, though, for smiles and celebrations - when local families could breathe a sigh of relief and await the homecoming of their loved ones.

East Lancashire, just as the rest of the country, had celebrated Victory in Europe, earlier in May, but for some, their menfolk were still fighting a war. Now it was, at last, all over. Servicemen could come home and prisoners of war be repatriated.

After many years of austerity, thanksgiving services were held across East Lancashire t mark the end of the Second World War and people arranged dances, bonfires and street parties.