The nominations for candidates for the Lancaster City Council elections closed on Wednesday.

The elections will be held on Thursday, May 3 and everyone entitled to vote should have received their polling card by today (Wednesday).

Anyone who has not received a polling card should contact Lancaster City Councils elections office on 01524-582905.

The last date to register to vote is April 18.

The full list of candidates is:

June Irene Ashworth (Morecambe Bay Independent), Andrew Mark Berry (Labour), Susan Bray (Conservative), Michael Gradwell (Lib Dem), Tricia Heath (Morecambe Bay Independent), Ian Carey Hilton (Labour), Graham Marsh (Conservative), Pat Salkeld (Green)Bolton-le-Sands
Keith William Budden (Independent), Val Histed (Conservative), Neil Kerr (Conservative), Richard William Martin (Labour), Avril Moncaster (Green), John Robert Reynolds (Labour)Bulk
Ian Stewart Barker (Labour), Sue Clark (Labour), Sean James Edwards (Conservative), Dan Hogan (Labour), Andrew Martin Kay Green), Andrew Jonathen Saywell (Conservative), John Whitelegg (Green), Maia Whitelegg (Green)Carnforth
David Barker (Independent), Gregg Beaman (UKIP), Paul Malcolm Gardner (Labour), Tony Johnson (Conservative), Judith Anne Jones (Labour), Bob Roe (Independent)Castle
Jon Barry (Green), Nigel Brown (UKIP), Chris Coates (Green), Michael John Gibson (Labour), Jonathan William James Hazzlewood (Conservative), Rebecca Livesley (Lib Dem), Linda Ann Piggott (Labour), Matthew Plested (Conservative), Lynne Burnside Stafford (Labour), Catriona Stamp (Green), Christian Jonathan Wakeford (Conservative)Duke's
Miles Hillcoate Bennington (Conservative), Anne Chapman (Green), Robin Thomas Pettitt (Labour)Ellel
Susie Charles (Conservative), Sarah Harrison (Labour), Helen Helme (Conservative), Tom Horn (Lib Dem), Darren Keith Neesam (Labour), Mike Nicholson (Lib Dem), Richard Wyatt (Green)Halton-with-Aughton
Cherith Adams (Green), Brian Jefferson (Conservative), Paul Woodruff (Independent)Harbour
John Edward Newton Barnes (Morecambe Bay Independent), Judith Bentham (Conservative), Michael Bolton (Conservative), Jane Brown (Conservative), Stepehn Dickinson (Green), David Farrow (Morecambe Bay Independent), Janice Hanson (Labour), Peter Robinson (Labour), Christine Stebbing (Morecambe Bay Independent), David Whitaker (Labour)Heysham Central
Melanie Forrest (Green), Pat Hibbins (Conservative), Geoff Knight (Morecambe Bay Independent), Joyce Taylor (Independent), Jean Elizabeth Yates (Labour)Heysham North
Debbie Buck (Conservative), John Calvert (Conservative), Tina Louise Clifford (Labour), Michael Hallam (Green), Brian Moore (Morecambe Bay Independent), Ron Sands (Labour), Laura Wolfenden (Morecambe Bay Independent)Heysham South
Brian Barmby (Morecambe Bay Independent), Alan Biddulph (Labour), Ken Brown (Conservative), Darren Keith Clifford (Labour), Keran Farrow (Morecambe Bay Independent), Mike Greenall (Morecambe Bay Independent), Gareth Maurice Weston Webb (Labour)John O'Gaunt
Jim Blakely (Labour), Eileen Blamire (Labour), Steven John Chadwick (Conservative), Joan Parkinson Jackson (Conservative), Janet Mary Richardson (Labour), Tom Roberts (Green), Victoria Joy Roberts (Conservative), Jude Towers (Green), Mark Westcombe (Green)Kellet
Miriam Paula Blakely (Labour), John Roger Mace (Conservative), Ralph Martyn (Green)Lower Lune Valley
Jeremy Hugh Bateman (Labour), Andrew John Kidd (Conservative), Stuart Langhorn )Lib Dem), Fred McGlade (UKIP), Jane Parkinson (Conservative), Joyce Pritchard (Lib Dem), Benjamin Ruth (Green), Tom David Watts (Labour)Overton
Don Fairhurst (Morecambe Bay Independent), Sue Holden (Green), Ian Pattison (Labour), Keith Sowden (Conservative)Poulton
Evelyn Archer (Morecambe Bay Independent), Jon Bradshaw (Conservative), Shirley Burns (Morecambe Bay Independent), Jim Catterall (Conservative), Rebekah Gerrard (Labour), Richard Ross Grave (Labour), Adrian Bruce Mackenzie (Green), Beryl Spelling (Labour), Geoff Walker (Morecambe Bay Independent), Andrew Watson (Conservative)Scotforth East
John Gilbert (LibDem), Stanley Henig (Labour), Billy Hill (Conservative), Janie Kirkman (LibDem), Abi Mills (Green), Charlotte Elizabeth Paterson (Conservative), Pam Pickles (Labour)Scotforth West
James Bird (Conservative), Bob Clark (Labour), Tom Currie (Conservative), Sheila Denwood (Labour), Jane Fletcher (Green), Emily Heath (Green), Ronnie Kershaw (Labour), Jonathan David Mills (Green), Val Outram (Conservative)Silverdale
Amanda Bingley (Green), Sarah Fishwick (Conservative), Rachel Margaret Timmins (Labour)Skerton East
Margo Airey (Conservative), Stuart Bateson (Conservative), Abbot Clifton Bryning (Labour), Norman Gardner (Independent), Charles Michael Grattan (Labour), Geoff Marsden (Conservative), Tony Pinkney (Green), Robert Michael Redfearn (Labour), Mark Rotherham (Green), Ashley Keith Toms (Green), Mick Varey (Independent)Skerton West
Dave Airey (Conservative), John Airey (Conservative), Chris Hill (British National Party), David Richard Horton (Green), Paul Ireton (Conservative), Karen Leytham (Labour), Roger James Sherlock (Labour), Robert Paul Smith (Labour)Slyne-with-Hest
Daniel David Gray (Labour), Barry Gwyn Hankin (Green), Sylvia Rogerson (Conservative), Malcolm Thomas (Conservative)Torrisholme
Ian Clift (LibDem), John Day (LibDem), Roger Dennison (Morecambe Bay Independent), Peter Espley (Conservative), Geoff Marsland (Morecambe Bay Independent), Dave Mason (LibDem), Dorothy Mingings (Conservative), Marvin Peake (Green), Richard Rollins (Conservative), Peter Senior (Labour), Joe Sowerby (Morecambe Bay Independent)University
Gavin Barrass (LibDem), Ryan Bate (LibDem), David Jonathan Bonner (Conservative), James Stuart Groves (Labour), Alex Law (Conservative), Ian David McCulloch (Green), William Taylor Windle Potts (UKIP), Cat Smith (Labour), Morgwn Trolinger (Green)Upper Lune Valley
Gisela Christine Renolds (Green), Peter Thomas Williamson (Conservative)Warton
Jean Dent (Independent), Andrea Johnson (Conservative)Westgate
Tony Jones (Conservative), David Kerr (Morecambe Bay Independent), Chris Leadbetter (Conservative), Roger Plumb (Morecambe Bay Independent), Julie Race (Conservative), Dan Ratcliffe (Labour), Margaret Riley (LibDem), William Edward Riley (LibDem), Ben Singleton (Labour), Albert Hayden Thornton (Labour), Tony Wade (Morecambe Bay Independent)