OFFICIALS at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have said there was no threat to public safety after a train from Sellafield collided with a car near Silverdale last night.

Communications manager Matt Legg said the wagon, travelling to Berkeley, Gloucestershire, was empty. 

He added: "There was no nuclear material in the wagon, which ordinarily carries spent fuel in a container, within a flask.

"The flasks also have a number of internal barriers – they are highly robust and subject to extremely high levels of safety standards and testing, so even if it had been carrying material, there would have been no danger to the public.”


The car was dragged 300 metres down the track after being hit by the freight train at around 7.10pm.

Fortunately the male driver of the car, 46, got out of the vehicle before it was struck.

The driver of the empty freight train was unhurt, but being treated for shock.