The Environment Minister is to visit a Highland town that saw 100 residents evacuated by flooding.

Paul Wheelhouse will visit Stonehaven to speak to residents affected by the floods and high winds that battered the east coast over the weekend, and thank people for the efforts to mitigate and clean up the damage.

An amber warning remains in force in the east of Scotland with more rain forecast. Outbreaks of rain are expected to spread across Scotland from lunchtime. While not expected to be as heavy as the last few days, it is may be persistent at times.

The Met Office has warned that this may add to the risk of further flooding over still saturated ground in some parts, and the public has been advised that it could bring more disruption to travel. The rain is forecast to gradually clear eastern Scotland in the evening.

It comes after a weekend of misery for hundreds of people in the east coast, with Stonehaven, Arbroath, Brechin and the Northern Isles particularly hard hit by flooding and high winds.

Up to 100 properties were vacated as a result of the flooding in Stonehaven, with a rest centre set up at Mackie Academy to keep the victims safe and warm.

The Scottish Government has been working Transport Scotland, local authorities, the emergency services, power companies and bodies such as Scottish Water to manage the impact on Scotland's transport network and infrastructure.

Officials have advised people planning journeys home for Christmas to check on how their journeys may be affected through a range of resources, including the Traffic Scotland website and Sepa's Floodline.

Drivers have been warned to be alert to the risk of standing water around the next corner or on minor roads and exercise due caution.

The public has also been advised to wash their hands thoroughly if they come into contact with flood water, with warnings of a low risk to public health from sewage.