EAST Lancashire is set to warm up over the weekend after the recent cold snap.

Temperatures will rise to highs of around 10C tomorrow and Sunday, as a warmer front moves in from the west.

Forecasters also expect there to be bright and sunny spells in the area as the year draws to a close.

The expected improvement comes after near-freezing temperatures brought snow and ice to East Lancashire today, with around five to 10cm of snow falling in four to five hours on higher ground.

A Yellow weather warning for snow has been forecasted for Blackburn until 3pm today, while an amber warning was also extended to Burnley for the same time.

Emma Sharples, forecaster for the Met Office said: "This afternoon will start to see bright spells develop with the chance of the odd shower as the colder weather and snow starts to disappear.

"As we go through to tonight, there will be icy patches for part of the night and temperatures dropping to two to three degree Celsius in Blackburn and even near freezing in more remote areas such as the Ribble Valley.

"But as we go into Saturday, a warmer weather front from the west will bring warmer temperatures.

"Temperatures will rise to as high as 9 to 10C, with bright and sunny spells and the chance of the odd shower.

"There will then be more rain overnight on Saturday going into Sunday, while during the daytime on Sunday there will be the odd burst of scattering showers and more bright spells.

But forecasters warned that temperatures will start to drop again on New Year's Day.

Ms Sharples added: "After a spell of warmer weather over the weekend, temperatures will decrease again to around four to five degrees Celsius, which brings the chance of more ice returning.

"Our advice would be for people to take extra care when out and about and prepare in advance for any journeys in the car or on the train."