A 42-YEAR-OLD Nelson woman ignored the requirements of a suspended jail sentence and carried on offending.

Blackburn magistrates heard Cherie Anne Green committed high-value thefts from Sainsbury’s in Burnley and Morrisons in Nelson and didn’t keep her probation service appointments.

Green, of Cambridge Street, pleaded guilty to stealing jewellery and clothing worth £839 from Sainsbury’s, property worth £347 from Morrisons and failing to comply with requirements of a suspended sentence order. She was jailed for 16 weeks.

Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said when Green tried to steal from Sainsbury’s she activated security alarms and all the property was recovered. She was on bail for that offence when she was caught stealing from Morrisons, and all the property was recovered too.

The court heard the suspended sentence was imposed in October and Green had been given an appointment to attend for induction onto the community element of the sentence. She failed to attend and there was no response to further appointments or warnings of breach.

Janet Sime, defending, said her client had difficulty attending morning appointments because she struggled to sleep at night.

“She was attacked in her home one night and it has left her with psychological problems,” said Miss Sime. “She has been homeless and has had a difficult time recently.”

Jailing Green, the chairman of the magistrates said she had stolen to buy heroin.

“You have made no attempt to engage with the probation service and accept the help they have offered,” he said.