A COUNCIL said ‘it would 'consider’ a partnership with Travelodge which could see a new hotel built in the borough.

Hotel chain Travelodge said it has written to Pendle Council and Ribble Valley Council proposing an ‘innovative’ new partnership to finance the construction of a new hotel in their boroughs.

Travelodge said the partnership would ‘help regenerate communities’ and ‘unlock development potential’.

The UK-wide chain does not currently operate any hotels in the area, and during the last three years, Travelodge has completed seven local authority development partnership deals.

This includes the opening of a new Travelodge hotel in the following locations: Aylesbury, Bicester, Dudley, Eastleigh, Redhill scheduled to open end of 2017, Telford opening 2018 and Thetford.

Now the chain hopes to open up hotels in Pendle and Ribble Valley, with hotels in the programme built on surplus local authority land.

Dean Langton, strategic director at Pendle Council said the authority will always consider opportunities to use its existing assets to ‘create jobs, generate income and regenerate land in strategically important locations in the borough’.

He said: “We haven’t yet received any correspondence from Travelodge so don’t have any further details about the proposal.

“But we will always consider opportunities to use our existing assets to create jobs, generate income and regenerate land in strategically important locations in the borough.”

Councillor Iqbal, leader of Pendle Council, said: “We need to see the detail but of course our doors are open to any new business ventures which create jobs for local people.”

Peter Gowers, Travelodge chief executive, said: “Adding a low-cost hotel like Travelodge is an increasingly attractive choice, as it draws visitors, creates jobs and helps boost the local economy.”

Travelodge said that once hotel developments are completed, councils ave the choice of either retaining ownership of the hotel and receiving an annual rent into its revenue budget or selling the hotel with Travelodge as its operator.

Funding is provided either through the local authority’s internal resource or via low-cost funding from the Public Works Loan Board or third party resources.

Ken Hind, leader of Ribble Valley Council said: “This is a tourist destination and we are in the business of encouraging tourist facilities such as hotels.

“I’ve no knowledge of any proposals but I look forward to receiving them.”