THE family of a nurse who was murdered by her ex-partner have delivered a petition to 10 Downing Street calling for the creation of a stalker’s register.

The petition, which gained more than 130,000 signatures, calls for tracking and monitoring of serial stalkers which campaigners said will help save lives.

John and Penny Clough’s daughter Jane, a nurse at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, was stalked and then fatally stabbed by her former partner Jonathan Vass in 2010 while he was on bail for raping her.

Her parents, from Barrowford, are ambassadors for national stalking advocacy service Paladin and have been campaigning for the register since 2014 along with Pamela Dabney. whose daughter Kirsty Treloar was murdered by her stalker.

Mr Clough said they felt now was the time to give the government a push.

He said the register would be similar to the sex offender’s register and would allow police to pro-actively identify, track, monitor and manage stalkers instead of relying on a series of victims to report multiple crimes.

He said: “It was decided that now was the time to try and give the government the push.

“We have had a verbal agreement from home office minister Sarah Newton but have not had full government backing for it so we have been trying to raise the profile. We have got more than 130,000 signatures and with this next domestic violence bill coming up there is an opportunity to include it in that.

“It is not a dead-cert but it feels like a milestone to have handed the petition in.

“It seems to be a common sense thing to do.

“Everybody knows about the sex offender register and the mechanism for the register already exists.”

He said it would put the onus on the perpetrator to change their behaviour.

“It is always up to the victim to change their lifestyle,” he said.

“The register will be a milestone leap in terms of victim safety.

"It would allow people to monitor these offenders and put the obligation on the offenders to get help to prevent them reoffending.”

He added the family had been touched by messages from people who have signed the petition including those who knew Jane or had been victims of stalking themselves.

Members of the House of Lords have also been pushing the government to introduce the register.

You can still sign the petition at