SOMERSAULTING was child's play for 12 -year-old Julie Buck, of Rimington Avenue, Accrington, back in 1979.

She was a member of Hyndburn Gym Club and was showing off her gymnastic skills to other young members.

It looks, though, that the other girls were too busy smiling for the Telegraph photographer to concentrate on her technique.

Hopefully they all managed to complete their own gymnastics off the spring board later in the session.

The club met regularly at Hyndburn Sports Centre which had opened just two years earlier in 1977 and was the only eight court sports hall in the county.

It attracted badminton players, in particular, from throughout East Lancashire, with many of the courts in constant use and offered, too, a range of sports activities from table tennis, to indoor football, or swimming to aerobics.

The large sports hall was also used at one time for teenage dances and discos.

Now known as Hyndburn Leisure Centre, it celebrated its 40th anniversary this year and has also transformed half its sports hall to a children’s soft play area.

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