A PARK was filled with fun and laughter at the weekend as hundreds of people turned out to celebrated Eid.

Eid in the Park, which enjoyed lots of late-summer sunshine, drew visitors of all faiths to Corporation Park in Blackburn.

Youngsters were in their element, with a funfair, donkey rides, lots of stalls, an archery competition and a children's quiz.

The fair's 'cliffhanger', which moved strapped-in youngsters around in a rapid circle, was particularly popular, as was the 'skyview' attraction, which operated about 100 feet up.

The two days of fun, which generated a lively atmosphere throughout, followed an Eid prayer event on Friday.

A spokesman for Eid in the Park said this year's event followed a successful inaugural event last year.

He said: "It is more or less the same as last year, although it has grown bigger, with more rides. As the day passes, through the afternoon and evening, more and more people come.

"It is beautiful weather, a peaceful gathering and people are really enjoying it."

Imran Sharim, of Regents View, Blackburn, was at the fair with his child and was also looking after two children who live next door.

He was not surprised by the swelling crowd numbers. He said: "We missed last year's event but we have been to the one at Witton Park a couple of years ago and it was jam-packed too."

He added: "I've had a go on the Skyview. From here it doesn't look high but when you get up there it's different."

Abid Patel, of Eldon Road, Blackburn, and Mustafa Hafeji, of Dukes Brow, Blackburn, were among the youngsters enjoying the fun.

Abid said: "I'm enjoying it and it's better than last year. I've been on the Skyview and it felt really high."

Mustafa said: "I went up too but I wasn't scared. I look forward to this event and it seems to have got bigger."