CONCERNS have been raised about plans to remove bus subsidies for children attending faith schools following a consultation.

Lancashire County Council has proposed phasing out its denominational home-to-school transport in a bid to save money.

More than £400,000 is spent subsidising transport for youngsters who attend their nearest faith school rather than non-faith schools with 1,510 pupils in receipt of assistance.

It means parents could end up paying almost £800 a year to send their child to a faith school.

The consultation received 264 responses - the majority of which raised concerns about additional costs, parental rights in respect of accessing faith schools, capacity concerns and issues with bus services and traffic.

A small proportion of responses supported the removal of the subsidy with some suggesting help with travel costs to faith schools is unfair.

A council report recommends the subsidies cease from September 2018 for all pupils commencing at primary and secondary schools.

The changes will be phased in so children who have already started under one set of arrangements continue to benefit from them.

Youngsters from low income families will continue to get free transport if they attend one of their three nearest schools.