TODAY’s delve into the archives of the Lancashire Telegraph has unearthed this photograph of the entrance to the Foulridge tunnel taken in 1953.

Although called the Mile Tunnel, the canal tunnel was actually 1,630 yards. It opened in 1796 and took five years to build.

As well as capturing a period in time, the photograph is also noteworthy for the old steam tug Foulridge which is moored on the right.

It was used to tow horse-drawn boats through the tunnel and was capable of pulling 12 boats through at once.

The boat had a rudder fore and aft so that it did not need to turn around and was even fitted with breathing apparatus to prevent its pilot from being overcome by fumes from the boiler.

At the time this photograph was taken, Foulridge had been moored up for 16 years as horse drawn barges were replaced by those with an engine.

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