ALMOST 98 per cent of primary school starters are to get a place at one of their preferred schools in September, according to Lancashire County Council figures.

The authority said 89 per cent will get a place at their first preference and 8.5 per cent will go to their second or third choice.

Around 2.5 per cent of youngsters were allocated places at other schools.

Debbie Ormerod, the council's school admissions manager, said: “This is an exciting but anxious time of year for parents as they find out where their child will be starting their education.

“Careful planning means that 97.8 per cent of parents have been allocated a place at one of the schools they preferred with the majority getting a place at the school they wanted the most.

“Importantly, once again we’ve been able to offer every child in Lancashire a place.

“School places are allocated fairly and objectively and every application is agreed upon using the criteria which has been agreed for that school."