PRIZE-winning sweet peas, gladioli, beetroot and marrow led to an historic nine trophies for Dr Kevin Briggs at the Bolton-le-Sands flower show.

The retired ecological consultant, of Warton, modestly described his success as ‘very lucky’ after winning eight trophies and a medal at Bolton-le-Sands and District Floral and Horticultural Society’s 86th Annual Summer Show.

“We have never had anyone win nine trophies before,” said show secretary Louise Belcher, adding that this year’s show was widely acclaimed as the best in recent years despite tricky growing conditions – lengthy dry spells followed by heavy rain and howling gales.

Among the trophies that Dr Briggs, of Warton, will display on his sideboard are the Mary Baldwin Rose Bowl for best exhibit in the show – won with a basket of dahlias.

He also impressed judges with his sweet peas, gladioli, annuals, hardy fern, beetroot and the heaviest marrow – which at seven kilogramme-plus was ‘too big for the scales’.

Horticultural society stalwart Betty Cottam opened the show, explaining that she first became involved while her father was away in the war. She told of the society’s heyday in the 1950s, when there were more than 1,000 exhibits and the show had to be held in two halls.

An auction of donated produce raised £84, with £42 donated to RSPB Leighton Moss.

n Volunteers, committee members and exhibitors are thanked for their hard work and dedication. The society is appealing for new committee members, and anybody interested is invited to call acting secretary Brenda Muir on 01524-824018.


Trophy winners:

Mary Baldwin Rose Bowl, best exhibit: K Briggs. Miss Foster Vase, most points in open flowers: K Briggs. W Sharples Trophy, most points in local vegetables: K Briggs. R Moore Cup, most points in open vegetables: B Noon. H Hill Trophy, most points in local flowers: K Briggs. H M Foster Cup, most points in homecraft: D Steele. T O Walker Cup, most points in handicraft: M Cammack. Mrs M A Grubb Cup, most points in floral art: A Morgan. Mrs D Orr Challenge Cup, most points in children’s section, age two to six: Kerenza Lentell. Mrs J Whithington Challenge Cup, most points in children’s section, age seven to 11: Piran Lentell. Mrs A Woods Challenge Cup, most points in children’s section, age 12 to 15: Jonty Lentell. C W Grubb Cup, most points in classes 40, 41 & 44: K Briggs. Dr A Brock Trophy, winner of roses, five blooms: J Speak. B S Cottam Cup, best local pot plant: D Hack.
 E Rawlinson Trophy, winner of sweet peas, six blooms: K Briggs.
 Alderman E G Smith Cup, winner of roses, one tight bud, one split bud, one fully open: K Briggs. S R Long Cup, winner of gladiolus: K Briggs.
Westmorland & North Lancashire Federation of Horticultural Show Societies Blue Ribbon, best exhibit in show: B Noon. National Sweet Pea Society Bronze Medal: K Briggs. National Dahlia Society Bronze Medal: D Woodhouse. Banksian Medal, most prize money: D Hack. Len Parkinson Trophy, large garden: Mr T & Mrs R Piearce.
Harold & Mary Pennington Trophy, small garden: Mr B Gladstone. Arthur Briggs Trophy, patio garden: Mrs V Shaw.


Bolton-le-Sands Results 2014

Open Flower Section. Roses - 1 bloom: 1 J. Speak; 2 R. Holmes. 5 blooms: 1 J. Speak. Cluster, 3 stems: 1 J. Speak; 2 J. Langan. Gladioli - 3 spikes, large: 1 K. Briggs; 2 R. Holmes. 6 pips on a board: 1 K. Briggs; 2 E. Lentell. 1 spike: 1&2 K. Briggs. Border Carnations or Pinks, 5 stems: 1 J. Speak; 2 R. Holmes 3 M. Western. Pansies, 6 blooms: 1 M. Western; 2 J. Langan. Asters, 5 blooms: 1 M. Western 2 B. Noon; 3 M. Briscoe. Fuchsias, 6 heads on a board: 1&3 J. Speak; 2 D. Regan. Annuals - 2 vases, distinct varieties: 1 K. Briggs; 2 R. Holmes. 1 vase, mixed: 1 K. Biggs. Mixed bowl: 1 R. Holmes; 2 K. Briggs. Cut Flowers, mixed bowl: 1 K. Briggs; 2 R. Holmes. Herbaceous Perennials - 1 vase, 1 variety: 1 J. Langan; 2 K. Briggs. 1 vase, mixed: 1 R. Holmes, 2 M. Western; 3 K. Briggs. Dahlias - 1 vase, 3 blooms, cactus/semi cactus: 1 A&O Western; 2 D. Woodhouse; 3 M. Briscoe. 1 vase, 3 blooms, decorative: 1 A&O Western; 2 M. Briscoe; 3 D. Woodhouse. 1 vase, 5 pompons: 1 J. Speak; 2&3 K. Briggs. 1 vase, 3 ball: 1 A&O Western; 2&3 D. Woodhouse. 1 vase, 3 waterlilies or collarette: 1&2 D. Woodhouse; 3 K. Briggs. Basket or bowl: 1 K. Briggs; 2 M. Briscoe; 3 D. Woodhouse. 1 bloom, large/giant: 1 D. Woodhouse; 2 D. Regan. Begonias, tuberous in pot: 1&3 D. Hack; 2 A. Jolley. Flowering plant - in pot less than 13cm: 1 B. Morris; 2&3 R. Holmes. In pot more than 13cm: 1 J. Ainsworth; 2 R. Holmes. Fuchsias – Single, pot less than 13cm: 1A. Woodward; 2 R. Holmes; Double, pot more than 13cm: 1 D. Hack. Standard/semi standard: 1 A. Woodward. Perlargonium - Pot less than 13 cm: 1&2 A. Woodward. More than 13 cm: 1&2 D. Hack; 3 A. Woodward. Scented leaves: 1 E. Lentell; 2 A. Woodward. Any other type: 1&2 A Woodward. Collection of house plants: 1 L Belcher. Hardy fern: 1 K Briggs; 2&3 R Holmes. Greenhouse fern – Pot more than 13cm: 1 R Holmes; 2 B Morris. Pot less than 13cm: 1 L Belcher; 2 B Morris. Cactus/Succulent garden: 1 A Brown; 2 J Langan. 1 flower/1 vegetable: 1 B Noon; 2 A&O Western. Filled patio tub, hanging basket or container: 1 D Hack; 2 J Ainsworth.

Open vegetables/fruit. Dish - Soft fruit: 1 A Dean; 2 A Brown. Hard fruit: 1 A Dean; 2 K Briggs. Stoned fruit: 1 M Craddock; 2 D Hack; 3 A Brown. Tomatoes – 5: 1 R Holmes; 2 J Speak; 3 A&O Western. Cherry: 1 A Jolley; 2 J Speak; 3 A Brown. Truss, unripe to ripe: 1 A Jolley; 2 R Holmes; 3 M Craddock. Radish: 1 D Hack; 2 B Noon; 3 A Jolley. Onions – any variety, less than 908gm: 1&2 B Noon; 3 A&O Western. Four: 1 B Noon; 2 A&O Western; 3 A Jolley. 1 large, 1 less than 250gm, 1 shallot: 1 B Noon; 2 A Jolley. Potatoes – White: 1 A Jolley; 2&3 B Noon. Coloured: 1 A Jolley; 2 A Brown; 3 J Langan. Shallots – Large: 1&2 B Noon; 3 A Jolley. To pass through 3cm ring: 1&2 B Noon; 3 J Speak. Cucumber: 1 A Jolley; 2 M Briscoe; 3 J Speak. French beans: 1&2 B Noon; 3 J Speak. Broad beans: 2 R Holmes. Runner beans: 1&2 J Speak; 3 A Jolley. Pods of peas: 1&2 B Noon; 3 K Briggs. Marrow – table quality: 1 B Noon; 3 K Briggs. Heaviest: 1 K Briggs; 2 A. Brown; 3 M Craddock. Capsicums: 1 A Dean; 2 J Wheeldon; 3 B Noon. Lettuce: 1&2 B Noon. Beetroots: 1&2 K Briggs; 3 B Noon. Carrots: 1 B Noon. Turnips: 1&2 B Noon; 3 K Briggs. Rhubarb: 1 J Speak; 2 A Brown; 3 K Briggs. Any other vegetable: 1 B Noon; 2 A Jolley. Collection of 3 different vegetables: 1 B Noon; 2 A Jolley; 3 A&O Western.

Local Flowers. Collection of house plants, 1 container: 1 K Briggs. French marigolds: 1 D Hack; 2 K Briggs; 3 M Western. Sweet peas: 1 K Briggs. Roses – 1 each tight bud, split bud, fully open, same variety: 1 J&B Bond. Scented: 1&2 A Woodward; 3 M Western. Gladiolus: 1&3 K Briggs; 2 M Briscoe. Pansies: 1 K Briggs; 2 J&B Bond. Annuals – Mixed: 1 K Briggs. 2 W Hargreaves. One variety: 1&2 K Briggs. Herbaceous perennials: 1 D Hack; 2 K Briggs; 3 M Western. Dahlias: 1&3 K Briggs; 2 M Briscoe. Border carnations or pinks: 1 K Briggs. Flowering pot plant – less than 13cm: 1 B Morris; 2 J Jones; 3 A Woodward. More than 13cm: 1&3 D Hack; 2 K Briggs. Foliage pot plant – less than 13cm: 1&2 J Jones. More than 13cm: 1 J&B Bond; 2 D Hack; 3 J Jones. Orchid in a pot: 1 M Graham; 2 L Belcher; 3 GM Bailey.

Local Vegetables. Cucumber: 1 M Western; 2 A Dean; 3 M Briscoe. Tomatoes - Truss: 1&2 B Muir; 3 a Brown. Five: 1 B Muir; 2 D Regan; 3 J&B Bond. Cherry: 1 B Muir; 2 A Brown; 3 J&B Bond. Onions: 1 M Craddock; 2 J&B Bond; 3 A Brown. French beans: 1 J&B Bond; 2 A Dean; 3 K Briggs. Runner beans: 1&3 K Briggs; 2 M Craddock. Broad beans: 1&2 K Briggs. Peas: 1 1&2 K Briggs. Cabbage: 1 K Briggs; 2 M Craddock; 3 W Hargreaves. Lettuce: 1 K Briggs. Potatoes, any colour/shape: 1 I Hutton; 2 A Brown; 3 K Briggs. Marrow, table quality: 1 K Briggs; 2&3 A Brown. Courgettes: 2&3 K Briggs. Any other vegetable: 2 A Dean; 3 K Briggs. Dish of fruit: 1 K Briggs; 2 A Brown; 3 J&B Bond.

Floral Art. Gents buttonhole: 1 A Morgan; 2 J Langan; 3 J Bull. Lady’s corsage: 1 C Speight; 2 J Bull. Garden flowers: 1 A Morgan; 2 J Jones; 3 C Percival. Mardis Gras: 1 J Bull; 2 C Speight; 3 A Morgan. Summer holiday: 1 L Owen; 3 J Jones.

Homecraft. Strawberry jam: 1 D Steele; 2 A Dean; 3 H Rawsthorn. Raspberry jam: 1 B Bainbridge. Blackcurrant jam: 1 D Steele. Any other jam: 1 P Fuller; 2 A Dean; 3 R Catteral. Any jelly: 1&3 A Dean; 2 P Fuller. Marmalade: 1 P Fuller; 2&3 A Dean. Lemon curd: 1 C Percival; 2 D Kenyon Jackson; 3 R Catteral. Chutney: 1&3 A Dean; 2 L Belcher. Bread: 1 H Hawsthorn; 2 D Steele; 3 E Lentell. Chocolate cake: 1 D Kenyon Jackson; 2 DW Bailey; 3 L Owen. Cherry cake: 1 D Steele; 2 V Lofthouse. Rich fruit cake: 1 R Catteral. Victoria sandwich: 1 R Catteral; 2 DW Bailey; 3 D Steele. Fruit scones: 2 D Steele; 3 B Bainbridge. Fruit pie on plate: 2 D Steele; 3 E Lentell. Plain biscuits: 1 D Steele; 2 R Wright; 3 B Bainbridge. Shortbread: 1 D Steele; 2&3 C Percival.Gingerbread: 1&3 R Catteral; 2 B Bainbridge. Pastry fruit flan: 1 E Lentell. Madeira cake: 1 C Percival.

Childrens Section. Miniature garden – 2-6yrs: 1 B Percival Smith. Modelling, world cup trophy – 2-6yrs (using fruit and veg): 1 K Lentell. 7-11yrs (using recycled material): 1 P Lentell. 12-15yrs (using paper mache): 1 J Lentell. Art and photography, postcard of a local landmark – 2-6yrs (collage): 1 K Lentell. 7-11yrs (paints): 1 J Lentell. Baking – 2-6yrs (sweetie kebab): 1 K Lentell. 7-11 yrs (decorate gingerbread man): 1 P Lentell. 12-15yrs (decorate cupcake): 1 J Lentell.

Handicraft. Embroidery: 1&2 M Cammack. Tapestry: 1 M Cammack. Any other hard craft: 1 Al Brown. Hand Knitted item: 1 V Lofthouse; 2 L Owen. Hand-made cushion: 1 J Spotswood; 2 V Lofthouse; 3 L Owen. Patchwork item: 1 J spotswood; 2 D Kenyon Jackson; 3 M Cammack.