ALTHOUGH Warton Wargamers has currently only four members, they have a cast of thousands on hand when it comes to reproducing historic military battles and campaigns.

Using an eclectic collection of miniature warriors, soldiers, weoponry and other models, George Anderson — club founder and for a while its only member — says he can reproduce warfare scenarios from the post-Roman Dark Ages right up to the First World War.

To the uninitiated, wargaming might appear to be a form of play, but it is deadly serious and naturally involves developing a keen interest in military history.

George reveals his main expertise is with the American Civil War; but the wargaming interests of he and his fellow club members include Anglo Saxon and Medieval battles and later conflicts such as the Wars of the Roses.

And with the 100th anniversary of the First World War taking place in August, there is added poignancy to the club’s interest in sea battles off Jutland and in the air over France, featuring faithfully reproduced miniature ships and aircraft from the various combatant forces.

George reckons he has amassed more than 8,000 figures and models in his wargame collection.

He has written for wargaming magazines for more than 25 years and has published 11 wargaming booklets on the American Civil War and also works freelance as a cartographer, producing military maps for individuals as well as a military publisher.

“With only four guys we are very informal and try to meet at least once a month,” says George.

“We certainly would welcome some new members. You don’t have to know anything about wargaming - I’m more than happy to teach others a hobby I’m so passionate about.”


Warton Wargamers:

Formed: 2000
Members: Four
Meets: Monthly at Warton Post Office
Contact: George Anderson 01524 732851