WARTIME sweethearts are celebrating their platinum wedding anniversary after 70 years of marriage.

John and Joyce Jenkinson, both 89, of Wallings Lane, Silverdale, met during dancing classes at Lee Green in London.

They were married on January 22, 1944 at St Margaret’s Church in London and, because of the war, the photographer was only able to capture three pictures of the happy couple.

John was a flight engineer on Lancasters during the conflict and completed 30 operations. One night his plane engine caught fire and he bravely tackled the blaze himself.

The couple have one daughter, Linda, who is 65 and a grand-daughter Joanna who is 33.

After the war, Mr Jenkinson became an insurance broker in London and Mrs Jenkinson was a company secretary.

Throughout their retirement they both enjoy a variety of hobbies.

Mr Jenkinson said that he likes car repair, photography and woodwork while Mrs Jenkinson said that her hobby was looking after her husband.

They both say the secret to a happy marriage is a bit of ‘give and take’.

To celebrate the marital milestone they will be having a family tea party at their home.