FROM fantasy to reality – a Carnforth nurse’s dream of being a published author has come true.

Helen Duncan, who writes as Frion Farrell, has had her first novel published after securing a book deal with American publisher Word Branch.

The Round Spear is the first in a trilogy of fantasy fiction novels, mainly set in northern England. It was made available on e-reader and will come out in paperback this month.

A GP practice nurse, Helen has been helping patients from the Lancaster area for more than 20 years, all the while harbouring a dream to have her novel published.

In the last two years she has been able to reduce her working hours and so has been able to finish the book she started when she first came to the area.

She said: “Writing has been something I’ve always loved and I feel so lucky to have found a publisher who believes in me and is willing to invest in my work.

“From Morecambe Bay to the fells of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, the north of England has been a real inspiration to me and I have used these fabulous surroundings as the location of much of the first book of the Myriar Trilogy.”

Born in Ireland but raised in Manchester, Helen has lived in Carnforth for 21 years while working for Blackpool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Lancaster.

She said: “Before nursing I gained a degree in English and so have always been interested in literature. My work as a nurse, though, has been fundamental.

“I have been inspired by many incredible people, both colleagues and patients alike. Nursing keeps you centred and the focus on human emotions and connections helps me to translate these more easily on to the page.

“Hopefully it also helps the reader to connect with, empathise and recognise aspects of the story and the characters.”

The Round Spear tells of an ancient and malignant artifact, which is reshaped and hidden in Peru before inadvertently being transported to northern England where it threatens to make the land uninhabitable.

Helen said: “It’s an evolutionary gift intended for mankind in its earliest history but prevented from reaching fruition. There is a chance to reclaim this gift if the weapon can be prevented from reactivating its devastating power.”

* The Round Spear by Frion Farrell is published by Word Branch. For details visit