A NORTH Lancashire couple have been told they can no longer receive their post because of the ‘risk of cows’ near their house.

Jeff and Sheila White’s 19th century canalside Carnforth cottage is accessed by driving down a lane through a field and passing through a gate, which is closed when cows are in the field.

But a letter to Mr White, 80, said the Royal Mail could not make deliveries when the gate is closed, as the vehicle has no room to turn around.

And cannot access the property safely if cows are in the field.

The pair, who have lived in Pringles Cottage for 33 years, were told to place a letter box at the top of the lane, near the main road, and collect their post from Royal Mail Carnforth in the meantime.

Both Mr and Mrs White, 77, suffer from hip problems and said they were unable to collect their mail from the main road – which is up a steep hill from the property.

The couple intend to appeal the decision, and said it was possible for posties to access the house by walking down a canalside towpath which avoids the cows.

“The cows are not in the field all the time but we don’t know when they are going to be there.

“If they won’t deliver when the gate is shut we won’t be getting any post in the summer until the end of November,” said Mr White.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail confirmed that deliveries had been suspended ‘due to health and safety concerns regrding delivery to the address alongside an uneven canal side path and through a field’.

They added: “We will also be contacting the owners again to investigate the possibility of an alternative route to reach their property.”