CHORLEY MP Lindsay Hoyle said he was seeking answers from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Chorley Council on their role in monitoring contaminated horse meat in local shops.

Mr Hoyle responded to a Parliamentary question from Shadow Environment Secretary Mary Creogh, who asked the health minister for details of the five horse carcasses which tested positive for phenylbutazone in 2012, one of which came from the Chorley area.

Chorley Council advised Mr Hoyle it visited the farm in Brindle where the horse originated from.

It said the horse had been sent to the slaughterhouse and was then passed to a meat supplier in Cheshire.

Mr Hoyle said: “Quite rightly the people of Chorley will be concerned to learn that one of the horses from Chorley has not only been contaminated with phenylbutazone but also may have entered the local food chain.

“It is the responsibility of Chorley Council to work closely with the Food Standards Agency to ensure that any horse meat does not enter our food chain.

“I have spoken with Alistair Bradley who has informed me that Chorley Council did carry out its responsiblities and reported back to the FSA.

“My concern is that the Food Standards Agency did not then take further action following the report by Chorley Council.”

Mr Hoyle has written to the FSA asking for a full inquiry.