TAKEAWAYS serving food that is being described inaccurately can expect a visit from trading standards, warns Lancashire County Council.

Analysis carried out revealed processed cheese substitute was being used in place of mozzarella on pizzas, lamb in place of beef in curry, mixed species of meat in ‘lamb doner’ kebabs and substituted pork in ham and pepperoni topped pizzas.

County Coun Albert Atkinson, cabinet member responsible for trading standards, said: “I was concerned to hear that, in some instances, customers have been paying for what they believe to be premium ingredients, but are receiving cheap substitutes.

“We’re all aware that times are tough, but customers should still know exactly what they’re eating. Money’s tight, so it’s only right that customers get what they pay for.

“Trading Standards officers will be contacting offending businesses to notify them of the outcome of the sampling results. They will also receive clear advice on how to get it right.”