A WOMAN savagely beaten by her then-boyfriend has said: “I thought I was going to die.”

Helen Bonner, 43, was attacked by thug Toney Warburton at her Ramsbottom home on June 4.

After he was sentenced to nine years in jail at Bolton Crown Court, Miss Bonner said she could finally begin to move on from the assault.

She almost lost her nose after Warbuton, 39, punched and headbutted her – blows which also caused a fractured eye socket and cheekbone.

Judge Peter Davies said the incident was ‘one of the worst domestic violence cases I have ever seen’.

Miss Bonner, a mother-of-three, said she was pleased with the sentence handed out.

She said: “What happened that day changed my life forever. I cannot believe I brought such a man into our home.

“It was a traumatic experience and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

“It has brought our family closer together as everyone has rallied round.

“The sentence gives me at least four-and-a-half years when I know I am safe from this monster.”

She has vowed never to have another relationship with a man.

“I know there are decent men out there, but I will never date a man again after this,” she said.

Her son Nathan, 23, has moved in to her Fern Street home to look after her.

He said: “It’s a pretty good sentence, some judges are inconsistent these days so we have to be pleased.

“Mum’s getting there slowly, it’s knocked her confidence massively but she’s getting better.”

Miss Bonner’s daughter, Amy Lane, and sister, Linda Halsey, were also attacked by Warburton, along with PC Angela Freudenburger.

The policewoman was knocked unconscious by Warburton, but recovered to spray him with CS gas, allowing reinforcements to arrive and taser the brute before arresting him.

Thanking PC Freudenburger, Miss Bonner said: “If she hadn’t have been there, I would have died. I feel lucky to be alive.”